New Novel Dramatic Tale of the Struggle Between Tradition, Love; Diana Yu Releases New Book


(PRWEB) July 28, 2014 — Julie Jefferson and Michael Kim met at church when they were children, and Julie vowed that she would marry Michael someday. As they grew into young adults, they had no idea their love would blow apart the delicate ecosystem of their familial lives, notes this new novel. Michael’s mother, June, is unable to accept Julie’s part-African-American heritage and severs ties with the young couple. Julie and Michael find solace in each other’s arms and in the home of Sylvia Carter, an activist in the Korean community and lifelong friend to Julie.

Julie and Michael chose to overthrow their parents’ expectations, but at what cost? Julie’s mother, Kay, is unable to forgive June for rejecting her daughter, and she actively discourages Julie from reaching out to her estranged mother-in-law. Michael’s mother seems to be unable to overcome her hurt and her anger, and his father, Stephen, is too cowed by his wife’s rage to give his son the approval and love he longs to give. Sylvia has her hands full as she attempts to bring the warring families together for the sake of the young people she loves.

“Sylvia’s Garden” is a story of family, love, tradition and the cultural differences that greet immigrants when they arrive in America. Julie and Michael’s story could be the story of any young couple in love, trying to make a life in the midst of familial heartbreak.

Author Diana Yu came to the United States from Korea in 1957 to attend college. She was educated at Harvard, George Washington, and Arizona State University. In Korea, she went to Ewha Women’s University and Ewha Girls High School both in Seoul. This is Yu’s first work of fiction.


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Sylvia’s Garden

Diana Yu

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-2465-3        268 pages        $ 14.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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Award Winning Author Gloria Teague Selects Rebecca Horton as Narrator of ”Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge”; the Audiobook Will Be Released This Summer

(PRWEB) July 21, 2014

Rebecca Horton is a voice actor who has provided the lively personalities of Gloria Teague’s short stories set in Appalachia—a world before cellphones, computers, and television for the most part. The stories will capture your imagination as well as your heart!

Ms. Horton is the narrator for the popular book ”100 Tips for Everyday Anger Management” written by Julia Bella, that is enjoying success in sales on Amazon, and iTunes. This audiobook is performed in a soothing manner so that Ms. Bella’s advice on learning to control temper can be accepted by the listener.

Ms. Horton has recorded several other audiobooks for ACX, with others in the works. She is a writer, director, narrator, editor, and does her own sound engineering and production.

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HTML5 Flip Pages Software: The New Product by is Now On Sale

(PRWEB) July 20, 2014

The renowned HTML5 flip pages software has specialized in creating online and offline brochures, magazines and catalogues for their clients, along with several story-books. The e-books are now more popular than their earlier printed versions, as unlike the hardcopies the e-books cost much lesser and are convenient for storage at home or while packing for any tour. But the PDF format of e-books may not be compatible with all e-reader devices available in the market now, which is a problem that can be amicably solved by transforming the PDF files into HTML ones while retaining their words and illustrations same to same as their original hardcopies.

PUB HTML5 has got sufficient expertise in publishing online and offline digital reading materials with the help of their own digital publishing software; which include not only e-books and magazines for the interested readers, but also shopping catalogues and brochures of different companies for the shopaholics. But recently they have introduced more advanced HTML5 digital publishing software for catalogs, magazines to benefit all the e-book readers.

This special flip pages digital publishing software has got many benefits for its users:

    This software is perfectly compatible with any mobile devices like Android phones, iPad or iPhone, apart from the usual desktops or laptops; hence all the online readers can download and use it.
    The website of PUB HTML5 offers to download this software adapted for both Windows and Mac; hence everyone can comfortably make the best use of it.
    Free trial version of this software is available so that the customers can test its convenience for them before actually buying it; also a free plan for HTML5 flip pages software is offered to the users where many basic functions can be fulfilled, somewhat like the paid plans where some more facilities are available as well.
    The lively forms of animations in HTML format make the e-books more interesting and attractive for the readers, which is totally absent in PDF form.
    HTML5 flip pages software provides the facility to buy products directly from the catalogues made with it, thus saves the customers from searching for those products in the related commercial sites.

Therefore, any interested authors can now easily download HTML5 flip pages software, available on the official website of PUB HTML5

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